Life Events

Baptisms (sometimes called Christening)

Baptisms are an opportunity for the parents to thank God for the gift of a child, to start the child on their journey of faith and ask the church to support them and their child on this journey as part of the church. It is a commitment and there are promises to be made about bringing your child to church and teaching them about Jesus’ love. If you live in these villages or have very close connections with a family who worship at the churches, you can ask for your child to be baptised here.

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child

A simple service to say prayers to thank God for the safe arrival of the new baby. This can be said in church or at home if you prefer. If you feel you cannot make and keep the promises in the Baptism service, this may be a better choice.


Confirmations are when you acknowledge your faith for yourself and make promises to live a Christian life as part of the church. Through prayer and the laying on of hands by a Bishop, the Church also asks God to give those being confirmed power, through the Holy Spirit, to live the life of discipleship.

For information about these services contact The Rector. There are no fees, but donations are always welcome for the upkeep of the churches.


Love expressed in the commitment of marriage is a gift from God. You can marry in the Church of England whether you are baptised (christened) or not, whatever your beliefs or your age and the bride doesn’t have to wear white. You may also be able to marry if you have been divorced under certain conditions, which you need to discuss with The Rector.

To marry in one of these churches you need to live in the benefice, worship regularly in the benefice or have a qualifying connection through your family. See The Church of England website for details.

For information about weddings or to ask questions contact The Rector. There are fees for a Marriage Service. The Parish Administrator can advise you of these.

Funerals and Memorial Services

A funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. It is the opportunity for friends and family to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its journey in this world and to pray that the departed may rest in peace. We would be pleased to advise you and hold your loved one’s funeral in one of these churches and/or the loc

al crematorium.

If you would like more information about Christenings, Weddings or Funerals in any of the Churches please contact

The Rev’d Kirsty Wells

01278 685480