Greetings from Pawlett

“The Church Wardens, PCC and Congregation of St John the Baptist Church, Pawlett are delighted to be a part of this new era of union between our five Parishes we welcome the opportunity to be a part of this vital means of communication and dissemination of information.

The Haggett Memorial Garden

As with other village Churchyards, the beautiful space at St John the Baptist is much loved and used and we are very proud that we keep it looking beautiful all year round and now we are planning a new feature. We haven’t been able to find out how long the Haggett family has lived in  and played a big part in Pawlett village life but sadly the last member of the family moved out of the village last year. We were contacted by one of their representatives as they wished to purchase a bench or suitable family memorial and after consultation with the PCC we have agreed to plant a small landscaped garden, named after them with a seating area and they are delighted with the idea. We already have a Royal British Legion Garden of Remembrance and this will face it, by the main gate so that it can be seen and enjoyed by the many people who use the Churchyard for exercise and walking their dogs – and often just to sit and contemplate.

The Haggett Family has chosen plants that mean a lot to them and remind them of their loved ones and they will fund the garden design, landscaping and plants; we hope to have a planting party in the summer – when restrictions are hopefully lifted – and dedicate this new addition to a family who has many of their forebears buried round about. I look forward to posting “before and after” photographs.

Fiona Goldsmith

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